salted bytes


Ummmmm chips


Salted Bytes is a tech-flavoured podcast from James Best and Chris Quinn, bringing you tasty tech treats & highlights from the web dev industry, with a good measure of salt thrown in.

Fresh from our previous incarnation over at the Zero Index podcast, we're back with a brand new show that we hope will delight you with witty and incisive analysis. Alongside our main subjects each episode will have our top picks of products, services, people, courses and organisations, as well as our regular feature: "Who's been hacked?".

Come & join us, and if you've got any suggestions, comments or thoughts to share, reach out to us on Twitter!



A software engineer working primarily in JavaScript and Typescript, building web, mobile and backend software. Currently senior mobile engineer at Breedr.

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Principal Software Engineer at Cogsy, jamming Node.js flavoured stacks, previously seen at European digital agencies, startups and NGOs.

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